Sprint basics

Sprint basics

Write with your friends! Run a sprint and compete with your writing group! Focus on your writing, share word counts, write the most you can!

Standard 15 minute sprint

Start a sprint for the default duration (15 minutes, starting in 1 minute)

Synonyms These do the same thing:
/sprint options: for 15 mins in 1 minute
/sprint options: for 15 in 1
/sprint options: 15 in 1

Shorter or longer

Start a 5, 30 or 60 minute sprint (can change it to up to 60 minutes)

/sprint options: 5
/sprint options: 30
/sprint options: 60
Synonyms Other ways to start a 30 minute sprint in 1 minute:
/sprint options: for 30 minutes in 1 minute
/sprint options: for 30
/sprint options: 30 in 1
/sprint options: 30 1
/sprint options: for 30 mins very soon

More sprint examples

sprint in 5

/sprint options: in 5
/sprint options: for 15 in 5
/sprint options: 15 5
@Sprinto sprint for 5
@Sprinto sprint for 15 in 5
@Sprinto sprint 15 5
Start a sprint in 5 minutes time for the default length (15 minutes).

sprint for 20 in 5

/sprint options: for 20 in 5
@Sprinto sprint 20 5
@Sprinto sprint for 20 in 5
@Sprinto sprint in five mins for 20 mins
/sprint options: in twenty minutes for five minutes
Start a sprint in 5 minutes time for 20 minutes.

sprint at :45

/sprint options: at :45
/sprint options: :45
/sprint options: at :45 for 15
@Sprinto sprint :45
Start a sprint at whatever time is the next “quarter to”. For example, if it’s currently 11:39, this command will start a sprint at 11:45.

It’s easier for sprinters to keep track if the start and end times line up with clock time.

Tip: Add a space after :45 (or whatever time you choose) to stop Discord trying to turn it into an emoji.

sprint in a bit

/sprint options: iab
@Sprinto sprint iab
/sprint options: for 15 mins in a bit

Sprinto will find a nice time to start the sprint in the next 2½ to 7½ minutes (an increment of 5 minutes clock time).

sprint quick

/sprint options: quick
@Sprinto sprint quick
/sprint options: for 5 in 30 endtime 90s

Start a 5 minute sprint in 30 seconds, also with reduced time to give your final word count.

sprint for however long

/sprint options: hel
@Sprinto sprint hel
/sprint options: for however long in 1 min

Sprinto spins the wheel and starts a Sprint usually between 10 and 25 minutes, with a tiny chance of being around 5 or 40 minutes.

You can also combine this, for example:

/sprint options: hel iab

sprint marathon

/sprint options: marathon
@Sprinto sprint marathon
/sprint options: for 60 in 7.5 to 12.5 mins endtime 10

Sprint a marathon: after a bit (in 7.5 to 12.5 minutes), sprint for 1 hour, then 10 minutes for final word counts.

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