Less used

Less used sprint commands (Miscellaneous commands)

See also: Starting a sprint, and full list of Sprint commands.


@Sprinto final
@Sprinto words final
/words count: final

Finalize your word count so Sprinto won’t wait for you to update it later. Can be used during a sprint or when time’s up and Sprinto is waiting for final word counts.

Final count

/final count: count

Finalize your word count with count words.

For example, to finalize with 1200 total words:

/final count: 1200
@Sprinto 1200 final
@Sprinto final 1200
@Sprinto words 1200 final
/words count: 1200 final
/words count: final 1200

Note: you can still update your word count after using /final . It’s only to flag to Sprinto that your word count is in, so as not to wait for you when all other word counts are in.


@Sprinto who
Lists active sprinters in the channel.

An X (❌) next to a Sprinter’s name indicates they’ve voted to /cancel .

starting (tare)

This command is no longer available.

@Sprinto starting count
For example:
@Sprinto starting 1000
@Sprinto tare 1000

During a sprint, change your starting word count without changing your current word count. I’m not sure why you’d want to do this.

Instead of using this, you can /join again with a different starting word count, and then set your new word count with /words .


@Sprinto rejoin
Rejoin a sprint you left with /leave . You can also just use /join again.

This command used to restore your previous word count. I might bring back that functionality one day if I’m really bored.


@Sprinto status

Check your word count, time remaining and number of active sprinters. Will give your /pings-status if no sprint is running

close / stop / end

@Sprinto close
@Sprinto stop
@Sprinto end

These will tell you to use another command such as /cancel or /leave instead because Sprinto’s not sure what you meant by close, stop or end.

Instead try one of these:
End the sprint for everyone (if everyone agrees)
End the sprint for everyone regardless. (Requires you have a @Sprint MC or @SprintAdmin role, or be an admin on the Discord server.)
Leave the sprint but leave it running for everyone/anyone else.
Don't ping me about the next few sprints.
Leave the sprint and forgetme (don't ping me about the next few sprints), and also don't announce I've left (only you will see the reply)
Don't ever ping me about future sprints in this channel, even if I join one later.
@Sprinto voice_home_off
Stop Sprinto joining voice channels.

undo / redo

@Sprinto wc_undo
@Sprinto wc_redo

Undo or redo your last /words, /join or other command which changed your word count or sprint status. This was the start of a general undo feature, but was never finished.