Emoji Pets

Emoji Pet

Emoji Pet demo

Your very own emoji pet is available as a reward to Sprinto Patreons and Ko-fi supporters.

Your emoji pet will keep you company on sprints and stop you from ever coming last 🙂

As of November 2023, all Sprinto Patreons ($2 tier and above) and all Ko-fi supporters will receive an emoji pet for November. If you’re a Patreon or Ko-fi supporter and don’t have an emoji pet, please let me know.

Emoji Pet Lore: (As at November 2023) Originally emoji pets were a meme for the $50 Patreon tier, because I didn’t think anyone would ever choose that tier, so I didn’t expect to have to code them up. Then someone did, so I did. Emoji pets are now available during November (Nanowrimo) to all Patreons, and I’m still working out how they’ll work beyond Novemeber but I don’t have plans to remove them. I’ve also started work on some bigger rewards for higher tiers (sorry they weren’t ready for nano this year), but for now, enjoy your emoji pet!


pet info

@Sprinto pet info
Show info about your pet.

pet pet

@Sprinto pet pet
Pet your pet (will also show if your pet is sleeping)

pet wake

@Sprinto pet wake
Wake up you pet so they’ll run with you in sprints.

pet sleep

@Sprinto pet sleep
Hide your pet so they won’t run in sprints

Change your Emoji Pet

pet random

@Sprinto pet random
Assigns you a new pet with a random name and emoji

pet random name

@Sprinto pet random name
Gives your pet a new, random name

pet random emoji

@Sprinto pet random emoji
Gives your pet a new, random appearance. If you want to choose a specific emoji just let me (Pengo Wray) know.

pet name

@Sprinto pet name name
Set your pet’s name to name

For example:

@Sprinto pet name Zeffy

Emoji Pet Support

If you’re a Patreon with an emoji pet reward and aren’t seeing your emoji pet, please make sure you’ve joined Sprinto Planet (the support Discord) and you’ve linked your Discord and Patreon accounts, or Ko-fi and Discord. Your emoji pet will automatically appear. Let me know if you have any issues.

How long will my emoji pet be available? How is it calculated?

As it works currently (as of November 2023), as long as Patreon or Ko-fi tag you as an active supporter on Sprinto Planet, each time you sprint or pet your pet (or generally interact with Sprinto), your emoji pet will be made visible and sprintable for 33 days from the current date (If your emoji pet is already available for longer, the time will not be reduced). So, for example, if you cancel your Patreon membership, your emoji pet can be available for 33 days after the last day of your membership. If you’re an original $50 tier Patreon, your emoji pet should be available permanently regardless.