During the sprint

Commands for once the sprint's started


Oops! Made a mistake? You can cancel a sprint with:


If Sprinto didn’t understand your /sprint command you can cancel it and start over. Note that if others have joined your sprint, you might need them to /cancel too.

Force cancel

MC To use this command you must have the @SprintMC role, @SprintAdmin role, be an administrator on the server, or be the server owner.

@Sprinto cancel pls
/cancel please: True
/sprint options: cancel pls
@Sprinto cancel ffs
@Sprinto cancel pleeeeeeeease

Forces a running sprint to end, regardless of how many sprinters have joined.

Join a sprint

/join count: 0
@Sprinto join
Join once a sprint is started, join the sprint (with zero starting words). Note: You must join your own sprint too.

/join count: 10000
@Sprinto join 10000
Join with 10,000 words (This is the word count of the document you’re working on so it can be subtracted from your final count)

/join count: same
/join count: last
/join count: =
@Sprinto same
@Sprinto =
Join with your last word count (e.g. from your previous sprint)

Some different ways to declare or update your word count

/words count: 10150
When time’s up, declare the word count of your document is now 10,150. If you started with 0 words, your word count might look more like: /words count: 150

/words count: -
At the end of a sprint you may wish to simply leave your word count unchanged. Don’t forget the dash - without it, Sprinto will just show your current word count.

/words count: 150 new
If you know how many new words you’ve written, but perhaps changed documents or lost track of your starting word count, you can just declare how many of your words are new (written during the sprint). Use /words count: 0 new to reset your count to your starting word count.

/words count: +50
/words count: add 50
Add another 50 new words to your count. Perhaps from your second manuscript.

/words count: 10150 final
Give your final word count early, before the sprint is over. This way Sprinto won’t wait for another /words from you after time’s up. |

/join count: 15000
You can rejoin a sprint with a different number of starting words before giving your word count with /words . Sometimes it’s easier.

/join count: just 200 final
Late to the party? Forgot to join? Dive-bomb in just before the finish line with just your final tally and surprise everyone! You can’t use this to join a sprint before it’s fully underway.

Why are there so many commands? All you need is to

and then give a final count with
/words count: your word count
For example:
/words count: 150
The rest of the are just for your convenience.

@Sprinto words
@Sprinto wc
By itself will show your starting and current word count.

@Sprinto time
/sprint options: time
How long is remaining in the current sprint?

Leave a sprint you have joined.

@Sprinto cancel
/sprint options: cancel
Cancel the active sprint.

@Sprinto who
Who’s in the current sprint.

@Sprinto status
Similar to /time but gives more information about your own status.

@Sprinto help
Show the basics for sprinting.

@Sprinto longhelp
Show longer help in the channel. Still it’s not nearly as complete as the help here.

@Sprinto invite
Generate a link to invite Sprinto to your own Discord server

@Sprinto feedback your feedback here
Give your your suggestions and improvement ideas. A copy will be posted anonymously on the Sprinto Planet support server. ⟨discord.gg/jWBcCYQ⟩ Please join to see the dev’s response

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