Curious commands

These commands are documented here mostly for curiousity’s sake. You don’t need any of them, and they’re largely not useful, but they’re documented here all the same.


@Sprinto parse time

Try parsing time with Sprinto’s time span parser.


@Sprinto parse 3,000,000 seconds
Sprinto parses this as 34:17:20:00 or 34 days, 17 hours, 20 minutes

more examples
@Sprinto parse 1 day 3,000,000 seconds
Sprinto parses this as `35:17:20:00` or 35 days, 17 hours, 20 minutes

See pengowray/TimeSpanParser on github for more about the open source TimeSpanParser library created by Pengo Wray for Sprinto.


@Sprinto dare

Get a writing dare (via the now deleted word_sprints page)


@Sprinto invite

Create an invite link to take Sprinto to another server. Also gives a link to the support server.


@Sprinto sprintmc
Tells you about the @Sprint MC role, and provides help to set it up. Use the /feedback command to remind me to update the link it gives to point to these new docs.

refresh active role

@Sprinto refresh_active_role

Moves people in and out of the @Active Sprinters role, just in case some people are stuck in the wrong place. Can be used by anyone. For more info about this command and role: ActiveSprinter.


@Sprinto prefix
Show Sprinto’s prefix on your server, which is now always slash (/). Unfortunately, this can no longer be changed.

Why though? In the old days, Sprinto would respond to messages in chat which started with an underscore prefix (_). You can still add this prefix when you @Sprinto, but there's no need for it. For example:
@Sprinto _time
Maybe some day, you'll be able to leave off the "@Sprinto" part again.

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