Run sprints for your writing group. Spend time together writing your own thing. Sprinto is a bot by Pengo Wray.

Invite Sprinto

Add to your Discord server. It's free.

Get focused. Get in the flow.

Start a sprint. Stay focused for 15 minutes (or an hour). Repeat.

Bring Writers Together

Whether your Discord community has professional authors, fanfiction writers, students, or a nanowrimo group, Sprinto gives you a reason to work on your own thing, together.

Sprinting on 32,028 Discord servers

Approx 30k monthly users in November (during nanowrimo). On Discord since 2018.

Easy for everyone to use

Sprinting is easy to start

Just /sprint to start a sprint and follow the directions.

Flexible usage

Find a way to use Sprinto to suite your style.

Community supported

Keeps running and improving thanks to people like you. Support Sprinto's developer on Patreon or Ko-fi

Example usage

Create a 15 minute sprint:

You and other participants can join:
One minute after creating the sprint, time begins.

Now do some writing!

15 minutes later

Enter your word count at the end: (It’s on the honour system)

/words count: 442

Sprinto will congratulate all the sprinters and show a scoreboard.

Congratulations! You’ve written some words! Start again and write some more!

With a starting word count
/join count: 1000
... 15 minutes later ...
/words count: 1442
Here the starting 1000 words are automatically deducted from the final tally, so Sprinto will treat this as 442 words written.
Without slash commands You can also @Sprinto:
@Sprinto sprint
@Sprinto join
... 15 minutes later ...
@Sprinto 442
Sprinto accepts fairly flexible input, so try commands you think ought to work, or see the docs for more things.
Some variations Other ways to create a sprint:
/sprint options: at :30 for 45
The above will create a 45 minute sprint which starts at the half hour. For example, if it's 2:26pm in your time zone, then it will start at 2:30pm. Don't write the whole time, just write ":30" as Sprinto doesn't know your time zone.
/sprint options: until :00 now
The above creates a sprint which starts immediately and runs until the end of the hour.
/sprint options: for 20 soon
This creates a 20 minute sprint, which will start in 2 to 3 minutes. Sprinto will pick a starting time which with 00 seconds.
/sprint options: hel iab
Sprint for "however long" (a random length of time) "in a bit" (in 2½ to 7½ minutes. Sprinto will pick a nice start time)
/join count: 1000
Join the sprint with a starting count of 1000 words. These words will be deducted from your final count.
Join with sprint with however many words you had last time.
/words count: 1442 final
Give your final word count early (before the sprint ends) so Sprinto (and other participants) won't wait for your count after the sprint ends. You can use this if you need to rush off in the middle of a sprint.
/words count: +102
Adding a plus sign means you don't rememeber how many words you said you joined with, but you've written 102 more. See the docs for many more ways to use Sprinto.