Invite Sprinto

Inviting Sprinto!

Method 1


If you can see Sprinto on another server, you can click Sprinto or “view profile” and invite him directly from his info.

Method 2

Open Sprinto’s invite link in Discord.
  1. Copy the above invite link
  2. Paste it into message on Discord
  3. Click it the link in the message
  4. Choose the server and click Continue (see below)


Alternatively you can open the link in a web browser, but make sure you’re logged into on that browser first.

If you don’t have permission to add bots, pass the link on to the server owner or someone who has permission to add bots, or link them here.

Sprinto joined. Now what?

Once Sprinto joins, you’re ready to Sprint! Use /sprint in a channel to start a sprint.

However, you can further customize Sprinto and set designated sprinting channels, see: Setting up Sprinto

More on the basics of Starting a sprint, and full details of the Sprint command are at Sprint.