Emoji Pets TOS

Disclaimer / Terms of Service

Virtual items (Emoji Pets and Pixel Pets) are a reward for Sprinto supporters, as a thank you for supporting the development, hosting and maintenance of Sprinto bot. They are not goods. They do not have value. They cannot be refunded. They cannot be traded and as such are neither fungible nor non-fungible. I reserve the right to remove your pet, or all pets, for any reason, including but not limited to because you’ve been disruptive, abusive of the bot, or because of factors like because Discord changes the API again and I can’t be bothered putting the effort in to keep up with it this time, or because I accidently messed up the database and lost your pet, or just because it all becomes too much for me. I do not have any obligation to provide or maintain any virtual items. I may decide to cease operation, change the fee structure, charges or change the terms or features of virtual items at any time without notice. I’m sorry, and thank you.